SweClockers: NZXT contest

Having spent the early stages of 2021 producing content for SweClockers, I was called upon to produce yet another video. This time, the project was commissioned by Taiwanese component manufacturer NZXT with the goal of building a complete computer based on its hardware for a giveaway.

The build video was filmed over the course of one day, with yours truly filming and hosting the 12-minute product as a one-man show. The video itself is the foundation of the contest in question, where SweClockers members are asked to use parts of the build video in order to create GIFs or posters for the finished computer build.

In keeping with the idiom “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, the work flow was very similar to earlier SweClockers video projects. NZXT produced a list of components to be built into the computer, while I exercised my hardware knowledge to build a script around the build to ensure key features were highlighted both on-screen and through the spoken word.

It once again features SweClockers’ studio, and was shot using two cameras – the Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6K (at 2.8K) and a Gopro Hero 7 Black for the overhead shots. Editing was yet again done in Davinci Resolve, where notably details such as the screen on the cooler’s pump head was rotated 90 degrees in post were corrected at NZXT’s request.

With the Swedish public and SweClockers members in particular being notoriously cynical about paid partnerships, I ensure the statements delivered in the video are objectively correct while avoiding hyperbole. Creating a fun activity in order to promote your brand is always going to reflect well upon your brand – but knowing what language and style your intended audience speaks isn’t always straightforward.

In cases such as these, I can help you figure out what way suits your brand best on the Nordic market.

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