SweClockers: MSI Computer Build

SweClockers is Sweden’s largest computer news media. Having been online-only ever since its inception in 1999, it has grown to serve hundreds of thousands of weekly readers with news, reviews and and related video content from the IT industry.

During the fall of 2020 I was commissioned to produce video in two commercial projects on behalf of SweClockers. The first one was on behalf of Taiwanese computer and component manufacturer MSI, who were looking to reach out to the Swedish market by promoting high-end computer components. SweClockers and I jointly decided that a step-by-step computer assembly guide combining visual showcasing of components and a mix of live hosting and voiceover narration would be the ideal way to achieve MSI’s goals.

The result is a 12:40 video in Swedish fully produced and hosted by yours truly. The studio in which it is filmed belongs to SweClockers, although complete creative freedom was given to Inamatus360 regarding set design considering details such as lighting and audio.

Inamatus360 took the project from the early planning stages to a finished product. MSI provided a list of components to be featured along with their USPs, after which pre-production commenced. Luckily the SweClockers studio was a known quantity, so scouting was kept to a minimum as a script was produced and signed off by SweClockers and MSI prior to filming.

The result is best viewed as a proof of concept, an initial look at what Inamatus360 and SweClockers are able to produce for clients wishing to showcase their products to the Swedish audience. It was filmed using a Panasonic Lumix GH-4 and the first project fully edited in Davinci Resolve by me.

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