SweClockers: be quiet! cooling guide

A brief intro on my relationship with SweClockers can be found in the post detailing our joint project with MSI. Shortly after the conclusion of the MSI project, German component manufacturer be quiet! commissioned a video guide on the basics of computer cooling, focusing mainly on its different series of case fans.

As part of SweClockers’ computer build guide aimed at beginners, the product aims to educate as well as promote be quiet!’s product lineup. This is achieved by visually showcasing the differences between the products and through illustrations of invisible details such as bearings – while naturally educating users on product segmentation at the same time.

The production started with a blank slate, as be quiet! approached SweClockers armed with nothing but a line of updated products and the question “how can we get the highest quality exposure?” SweClockers and I proposed a brief guide on computer cooling that would slot in the computer build guide, and the project advanced to the next stage.

A script was produced by myself after researching be quiet!’s product lineup, incorporating the company’s different fan series, a CPU cooler and a case – and how these all come together when assembling a computer. Information on what to bear in mind when utilizing be quiet! products in conjunction with other common components such as closed-loop water coolers was also included.

As a less post-production intensive exercise than the MSI video by design, this production focuses heavily on the presence of the host to explain product intricacies – another service I can provide in cases where technical details are to be presented to audiences.

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