MSI: Notebook videos

Back in 2011, I left NordicHardware for a marketing role at Taiwanese computer manufacturer MSI. I was initially tasked with regional channel marketing in the Nordics, handling media samples, events and advertising through both media and resellers. Being blessed with an understanding of the Scandinavian languages as well as Finnish, I handled the four Nordic with responsibility for the company’s then four product lines, motherboards, graphics cards, notebooks as well as all-in-one computers.

In 2014 I moved on to MSI HQ in Taipei, Taiwan, to a very loosely defined role in the notebook division. Here, I was tasked with mostly special projects, ranging from corporate marketing by way of corporate presentations, negotiations of e-sports partnerships and product marketing. I also produced a few news articles for MSI’s own message board each week.

My favorite projects from this time included hosting product videos. With an in-house team already in place, I was handed a sample of an upcoming product a few weeks prior to launch, after which I talked about the product in front of the camera. More technical videos such as upgrade guides were also shot, but in general it was a lot of talk about product USPs.

MSI GS40 presentation video
GE60/70 upgrade guide

While I may not agree with the thumbnails MSI chose to use in each case, not having to think about the production too much was a nice break. I simply read the sales sheet, learned the product features and then tried to convey their uses to the consumers – while having fun in the process.

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