FR-X Enduro

FR-X Enduro is an Inamatus360 project partially utilizing 360° hardware in the production of traditional video. Through the Youtube channel FR-X Enduro the idea is to create laid-back and convention-challenging content related to the art of getting muddy and breaking collarbones.

With video subjects ranging from pure riding videos with no commentary to in-depth maintenance videos, the ambition is to create Sweden’s premier Enduro motorcycling video project. Healthy doses of humor, an arsenal of both conventional action cameras as well as 360° cameras and external sound recording for the riding segments are hallmarks of the FR-X Enduro project.

Treating the channel as a testing ground of sorts, January 2021 ushered in yet another camera to be used in the production pipeline. The above video consists of the test shots filmed with a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

In 2018, Sweden had over 9000 Enduro license holders, with roughly as many licensed motocross riders in the books as well. On top of this, plenty of unlicensed hobby riders of both two-wheeled disciplines exist in Sweden, added to a long tradition of motorsports in the country.

Eagle-eyed viewers will also have noticed that the FR-X logo is essentially the same as the Inamatus360 one — the logo flag comes from a now-defunct venture in carbon bicycle components started by yours truly back in Taiwan years ago.

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